An accreditation is a permit granted to a media representative to attend the festival Mėnuo Juodaragis XXII.

All accredited media representatives are registered and given a special accreditation which entitles the person to:
• access the festival grounds;
• photograph performers, participants and attendees of the festival;
• film performances using professional equipment (subject to prior consent of the organizers);
• interview performers (subject to prior consent of the organizers);
• obtain the latest information about the festival directly from the organizers;
• write about the festival, interview attendees and publish the material.

In order to obtain an accreditation a filled in application must be submitted >> to the organizers.
Application must be submitted by August 10th.
Information about your accreditation will be provided by August 20th.
The organizers will inform only those applicants whose requests are satisfied.
The organizers are not to be held responsible for the safety of your equipment.

An accredited person must observe general regulations of the festival.
If those regulations are breached, the organizer has a right to remove the violator from the festival grounds.

By granting permission to photograph and film, the organizers of the festival reserve a right to use your pictures and videos indicating the author and the source of the material. There are no restrictions on photographing and filming the festival except explicitly marked areas or parts of the programme under request of performers, but please be considerate of the privacy of attendees and try not to spoil the magic of the festival.

Please provide all visual and written material to the organizers within one month from the end of the festival.
In case of any questions and magic ideas, please write to gabriele@mjr.lt.