Dear visitors of the festival, we are expecting a really large number of participants and spectators at the event this year and the increasing amount of traffic every year is a real challenge for the MJR organizers. 
The parking options in Duburys Nature Reserve are limited, therefore, we kindly ask and encourage you to use the free-of-charge lots at the approaches to the island – just 200-500 meters away from the main gate of the event.
The high parking prices are due to limited space. We do not recommend wasting Your money unless it is necessary, please, leave space for others. If you are able to, choose to arrive without your own car – let’s celebrate surrounded by wonderful nature, not cars! For more information on arriving by other means, please click here >> 
NOTICE! – due to weather conditions, the number of vehicles allowed on the island may change, therefore, this option cannot be reserved or guaranteed in advance. Upon your arrival, our dedicated team will try to resolve any issues and assist you as smoothly as possible.
A.  Parking at the approaches of the island – FREE (200~500 m to the island).
B. Guarded parking near the island – 20 Eur (Guarded by the on-duty security, not fenced)
C.  Parking on the island:
  • Parking on the island for a car  45 Eur
  • For Family Ticket owners, with pre-schoolers – 35 Eur (car + tent (C1) – only for visitors arriving on Thursday).  AMOUNT IS LIMITED. 
  • For a camper  60 Eur (for Family Ticket owners – 50 Eur). AMOUNT IS LIMITED. On the map – Kemperiai.
  • For a motorcycle  25 Eur
P VIP – intended only for program participants and performers staying overnight on the island.
For those not staying overnight on the island – choose A, warning that You will need to leave, as the possibility of leaving C and B may not be available.
The price is set for one entrance only, re-entry is not possible or has to be re-purchased.

IT IS STRICTLY FORBIDDEN to leave cars on the road and/or in unspecified places!



The collected funds will be used for nurturing of Duburys Island.
Thank you for Your kindness and consideration.