MJR XXII tickets with MJR bracelet (wrist band)


Loyal festival visitors who are still wearing their MJR bracelets from previous years can purchase tickets with a symbolic discount until June 1st. For this you need to personally visit our headquarters “Ragainė” in Vilnius.

  • The MJR XXII ticket or Family ticket will cost you €2 less.


PLEASE NOTE that the discount is only available if the MJR fabric bracelet is worn and has never been removed from the wrist. This is an essential condition.

It is always a pleasure to meet MJR visitors, and we look forward to welcoming you at:

RAGAINĖ Baltik Shop –  Skapo str. 3, Vilnius
From 12:00 to 19:00 daily.
Tel. +370 678 86443 


MJR XXII ticket for a donation of 5 bracelets (MJR wrist bands)


Those persistent hard-core tribesmen who are still wearing their 5 (five) fabric bracelets from previous MJR Festivals and have never taken them off, can exchange them for one free 2022 festival ticket (invitation)! This is Juodaragis way saying thanks to its most loyal visitors.

If you make up your mind, there will be room on your freed wrist for beautiful new bracelets again :) and we will be happy to meet you in person to perform this ritual. All the bracelets that are donated are then cut off and passed through the Gates of Fire. We will also ask you to fill in a special buddy of Juodaragis questionnaire.

The essential condition is that all five MJR bracelets from different years have never been removed from the wrist.  This will be carefully checked when the invitation is given.  In case of doubt as to the “authenticity” of the bracelets and the compliance with the conditions, the organisers of MJR have a full right to refuse a free ticket and to shame the unscrupulous.

You can only use this opportunity in May, on Thursdays, by coming directly to the MJR office – Baltik shop “Ragainė” in Vilnius (Skapo str. 3) from 12.00 to 19.00.

Bracelets cannot be exchanged for tickets on other days and at other locations.
If you need any further information, please call +370 688 19655.