Parking permitions

The number of cars is increasing year by year, but we have to leave some space for the Nature too.
Please, choose the most convenient way of parking:


A – FREE parking near the festival entrance 
250–300 m to the festival centre
The best and fastest choice

B – GUARDED parking at the festival entrance, if you believe that your vehicle needs additional security
€7 per car
200 m to the festival centre
Limited capacity

€15 per car
€10 for families with children under the age of 7
€30 per camper
€10 per bike

The island is located within the boundaries of a nature reserve. No traffic is allowed for vehicles parked inside the island. Vehicles may not enter the island for the second time. Vehicles can only be parked in designated places (no parking at the tents). All vehicles entering the island will be thoroughly searched.

This option may cost more time and patience, so it is recommended for families with children only.

The restrictions on entering the island are aimed at preserving the environment and the narrow access road, and to avoid traffic jams.

Parking permits can be acquired at the festival entrance.

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