Welcome back home!


The theme of the 19th Mėnuo Juodaragis festival will explore one of the most intimate spaces of property – home. This seemingly familiar and plain concept is in fact rather difficult to define. What is home? What is the symbolism of home in our hereditary mythical consciousness, tradition, daily life and dreams? The Festival will anatomise housing as a dwelling space and structure; explore different elements of the house – the roof, the fireplace, the threshold and the door; speak about the deities and spirits, cats and other pets living at home; and examine home as a spiritual concept.


It is said that your home is where you can feel yourself understood, where you return to reunite with the ones you love – the centre of the world, a place to depart from and always a place to return to. Magical stories speak of the eternal and never-ending journey of the human spirit home. The third brother travels the world in search of fortune and finally finds it only to discover that he has travelled round the world and come home.


A country is the home of a nation, the cradle of a native tongue, songs and holidays, traditions and way of life, blissful community and the most beautiful landscape. Nature and Earth are home to all the living things. While the afterlife is a place where our ancestors dwell.


The place of home may change, but the natural pull remains. Mėnuo Juodaragis will take place in a different location this year, but – as always – it will welcome everyone home.


MJR XIX Bičiuliai