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In 2016, the Mėnuo Juodaragis festival will take place in a new location – an island in Lake Dūburys, Zarasai District. The beautiful island is located 3 km Southeast of Antazavė, 13 km Northeast from Dusetos and 20 km West from Zarasai.

Coordinates of the island: 55.788253, 25.962324

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The home of coming MJR XIX – Dūburys lake island. Photo by Algirdas Lekaveckas.


The 19th MJR festival will visit a wonderful island full of lush green nature. It is the biggest island in Zarasai District with an area of 45 hectares. It is quiet and mostly natural, notable for its strong woody and spacious landscape, old trees and clear springs.

The idea to move the festival to this arresting sanctuary has been there for several years. The environment may offer less urban comfort than the most of the previous locations, but it will certainly grant an opportunity to move away from the traffic jams for a few days and breathe in the liberating spirit of Mėnuo Juodaragis.

Lake Dūburys covers the area of 99.3 hectares and contains four islands. The events of the festival will take place in the largest of them – the Astravas Island. There are several sandy beaches on the shores of the island. The lake is surrounded by the hydrographic reserve.

The island was home to a manor several hundred years ago. In time the ferry line was replaced by a levee and a road. Today, the island can be reached via a bridge. A watermill that was built on the outflowing Rūra River has long since turned into ruin. The famous noble woman who had lived on the island has been commemorated with a wooden sculpture by the present owners of the island.

Powerful oaks, groves, rocks, and scenic landscapes hold many secrets and historical curiosities. We will share them in this section later.

We hope, that the island will be the best home for Mėnuo Juodaragis this year and will become a revelation for all festival attendees.


Coordinates of the island: 55.788253, 25.962324


:::: Map of Dūburys Lake Island – MJR XIX Home ::::  

New home of MJR festival – enchanting wild island in Dūburys lake

Photographer Kazimieras Šešelgis   

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