Less is More!  


The decision to choose the theme of Home for the 19th Mėnuo Juodaragis festival was accompanied by an idea to build a real house during the event. Well, not exactly a house, but a cabin – still a real one, natural and habitable. Is it possible to accomplish the task within such a short time span without incurring considerable costs? The idea became a real challenge and there were moments when it seemed to be destined to remain in the realms of dreams. But Petras Devižis, the pioneer of straw houses in Lithuania, assured us that this was possible if gods were to grant favourable weather.

Thus, a straw meditation house will be built on the island of Lake Dūburys during the festival. It will be warm enough to live in throughout the winter. It will be erected on a sand foundation without the use of concrete. The walls will be built of compressed straw and clay. It will be roofed with turf. For the first time the straw ideologist Petras Devižis’ innovation will be presented live with the slogan “Less is more!”

Creatively practical guests of the festival are welcome to make their contribution to the construction process. Those yearning for knowledge will have an opportunity to acquire a great deal of know-how. Perhaps in the future this fairy tale cabin on the beautiful shore of the lake will become a cosy Mėnuo Juodaragis hotel for guests? Believe and contribute!




MJR XIX Bičiuliai