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Information about ticket types and how to purchase


The 3-day tickets to Mėnuo Juodaragis 2016 festival can be ordered on presale either in print or as e-tickets – both are of equal use. Three-day and single-day tickets will also be available at the Festival entrance. The number of tickets is not limited, but we highly recommend ordering them in advance.

We are using an e-ticket ordering system that will allow you to place an order in a few clicks. You can choose to pay via Paysera banking links and credit cards (no additional fees), or via your PayPal account (adding 6% service fee).

This year we will also offer MJR family e-tickets for attendees coming to the festival with their children from outside Lithuania.

• MJR XIX ticket – €45 

(At the festival entrance on August 25 – €50)
Single-person ticket to all festival events during three days.

• MJR XIX FAMILY ticket – €80 
(At the festival entrance on August 25 – €85)
The MJR Family ticket or e-ticket is to all festival events during three days. It applies to a single family of two adult parents and their child or children up to 12 (twelve) years old (inclusive).

Ticket prices will increase on the first day of each summer month and at the Festival entrance.




We had stopped the presale at 20:00 o'clock on 2016-08-25.



• The "real" printed MJR tickets are available at "Ragainė" Baltic Shop in Vilnius Old Town (Skapo St 3). We will be happy to see you, if you have a chance to drop by! "Ragainė" is open daily from 12:00 to 19:00. We stop the presale at 20:00 o'clock on 2016-08-25.


First day MJR XIX ticket (Friday, August 26) – €20

Second day MJR XIX ticket (Saturday, August 27) – €38

Third day MJR XIX ticket (Sunday, Augus 28) – €10

Single-day MJR tickets are available at the festival entrance only.

Prices may change.


Upon purchasing any of the MJR tickets, the holder is also accepting other common rules of the MJR festival and basic principles of the attendance of public events in Lithuania. Please read the Festival Rules and the Terms and Conditions of the Use of MJR Tickets www.mjr.lt/tickets/terms



• Upon entering the MJR festival the ticket holder gets a special MJR wristband, which becomes his or her ticket during the whole festival. You should keep both – the ticket and the wristband – safely until the very end of the event.

• The MJR ticket price includes payment for the event programme, infrastructure fee, and charges for ticket service/processing.

• There are special discounts for those MJR fans, who still wear festival wristbands from the previous years. You should personally visit our shop “Ragainė” in Vilnius (Skapo St 3) until June 1. Those who are still wearing 5 ribbons from the previous MJR festivals can exchange them for a free MJR ticket for the coming festival edition!

• Once purchased the MJR ticket cannot be exchanged into any other ticket form. It can be returned and refunded until August 1, 2016 – with a deduction of 10% for processing fees. Later refunds are possible only if the event is cancelled, under the terms provided by the organiser and by the legislation of the Republic of Lithuania.

• The entrance is free for children up to 9 years old (inclusive).

• MJR ticket price for children up to 14 years (inclusive) is €10. Teenagers must be supervised by adults during the entire event.



Should you need any further assistance or information on the MJR tickets,
please contact us by email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by phone +370 700 77874. 


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