MJR XXIII Sport - all fired up!

This year, you’ll join us on the active side of Juodaragis, we guarantee it! Plenty of fire, lots of movement, tons of health and joy – that’s what makes our festival stand out since time immemorial. Individual and team tournaments await you:
– MJR football tournament on Saturday. Like every year – 5 vs 5, two 10-minute games, the final match – 15 minutes. Choose your team or join those who are looking for players. Prize – an MJR XXIII trophy horn. Registration is open from Thursday morning to Saturday morning in the Žinyčia (MJR Info Centre).
– Orientation races for men and women. A very interesting and exciting race on the island of Dūburys (and perhaps someplace else). We will all start at the same time, we will not only have to collect the points but also solve puzzles and other fun tasks. Registration is open from Thursday morning to Saturday morning in the Žinyčia (MJR Info Centre).
– Archery tournaments. Traditional shooting tournaments for children and adults. Learn what to shoot and how to shoot it at the archery range. Registration on site.
– The Lithuanian Ethnosports Committee is back in Juodaragis, with games and educational activities dating back to the times of our Grand Duke Vytautas the Great. Not only will there be fun games, in the Craft Yard, where the delegation of Ethnosport will be settled, but also educational and historical stories. During the festival, we will compete in ristynės (a Lithuanian wrestling game), pull a stick, play muštukas and kyla (traditional games), and on Sunday, we will throw a two-kilo ripka (a circular log)!
– One of the most remarkable MJR games is Rąstplėšis. A show with the most beautiful pictures and greatest emotions, requiring manly strength and a sense of recklessness. The aim of the game is to pick up a log thrown by the judge in the middle of the playing field and carry it to the end of the opponents’ field. There are two teams of ten players each. Tear the log and win, but remember to be careful!
– First time in Mėnuo Juodaragis – a swimming competition! Under the supervision of professional swimming coaches, we will cross Lake Dūbūrys from one bridge to another. The competition will be open to everyone, selected by the organisers. The start will be signalled audibly, just don’t forget your swimming caps, as they can help you to break the Lithuanian record 😉. Registration is open from Thursday morning to Friday evening in the Žinyčia (MJR Info Centre).