Approved by MJR Council 2022-12-09

The MĖNUO JUODARAGIS XXIII festival will take place on Dūburys lake island,
Zarasai Region, Lituania, August 24 to 27, 2023.


1. Only newly purchased (December 2022 – August 2023) tickets are valid for the MĖNUO JUODARAGIS XXIII festival. MJR tickets can be purchased either in physical form (printed) or electronic form (E-tickets) – both are equally valid.

2. In 2023 the number of MJR XXIII festival tickets is limited – tickets can be purchased by up to 5,000 people.

3. The price of the MJR ticket includes payment for the Event’s program, an infrastructure fee, and charges for ticketing service / procession. The price of MJR tickets can vary depending on the time of purchase and other conditions. Festival organizers can change ticket prices and apply discounts.

4. By purchasing an MJR ticket the buyer agrees to present their contact details (name and surname, e-mail address, and phone number), so the organisers can provide them with the key information and possible changes related to the Event. The organizers ensure the security of this data in accordance with the valid laws and regulations of the Republic of Lituania.

5. Each MJR ticket shall be marked / scanned once at the entrance of the Event and shall be valid for a single person only (one Family ticket shall be valid for a single family accordingly). In case of misuse, the ticket shall be foreclosed and entrance to the Event shall be denied, with no possibility to purchase a new ticket.

6. Once purchased the MJR ticket shall not be exchanged for any other ticket form. The MJR ticket shall be accepted only if it is presented itself as the physical ticket or the original unique file, meaning that it cannot be replaced by any evidence of payment, other data, or stories.

7. It is forbidden to resell MJR tickets to other persons at a different price than the one that was paid when buying the ticket from the organisers. In case of a fraudulent resale, the ticket shall be foreclosed.

8. The purchased MJR ticket, as well as the wristband issued at the entrance of the Event, shall be preserved by the owner until the end of the Event. A person that cannot present a ticket and an intact wristband, shall be immediately escorted from the territory of the Event.

9. The main terms and rules of the use of MJR tickets shall also be presented on the ticket itself. Those can become an updated version of these terms and conditions and are of equal validity.


10. A holder of an MJR electronic ticket (E-ticket) shall print out the unique PDF file that was sent by e-mail on a white A4 sheet of paper and present it on the entrance to the Event.

11. E-tickets can also be presented via a smartphone or other mobile device. In such a case, the holder of the E-ticket shall save the unique PDF file on their smartphone/device and present it on the entrance to the Event. The ticket holder shall be solely responsible for proper representation and accessibility of the ticket for scanning.

12. Copying E-tickets is strictly prohibited. Images of the E-ticket and the QR code should not be shared in public. The ticket holder shall be solely responsible for the safety of their E-ticket and should ensure that nobody else gets an opportunity to use it. In in case of a duplicate or an attempt to reuse, the E-ticket becomes invalid.


13. Printed (physical) MJR tickets have the same validity as the electronic ones. When purchasing printed tickets, the buyer shall present their contact details. The buyer is responsible for the validity of the data provided.

14. During the purchase of the printed (physical) tickets, the Organisers of the Event have a right to apply discounts to the service fees subject to the way of payment chosen by the buyer and other servicing conditions.


(Edition 2023-08-01)

15. The MJR Family ticket is a dedication to encourage families coming to the Festival with  preteen children. The MJR Family Ticket shall be used by a single family – one or two adults with one or more children up to 12 years of age (inclusive).

16. The MJR Family Ticket does not claim to define a family.

17. Family Ticket holders must arrive all together and present the ticket together with documents proving the age of the children.

18. If the Family Ticket has been purchased with the intention of being used by two adults with their children and one of the adults is missing, the amount paid for the ticket shall not be altered, split or partially refunded.

19. If family plans change and two adult ticket holders arrive at the event without children, the discount granted by the Family Ticket becomes no longer valid, and an extra fee is applied to make the price equal to that of two regular MJR tickets at the time of the purchase.

20. Adults are fully responsible for the care and safety of their children throughout the event.


21. Visitors can purchase tickets for the separate days of the Festival only at the entrance to the Event.

22. MJR XXIII First day ticket is valid for all events on 24.08.2023. When purchasing this ticket, a deposit corresponding to the full value of the MJR ticket is paid together, which is returned to the person upon departure. The ticket is valid and the deposit is returned until 25.08.2023 at 12:00 p.m. If leaving later, the deposit is non-refundable.

23. MJR XXIII Second day ticket is valid for all events on 25.08.2023. When purchasing this ticket, a deposit corresponding to the full value of the MJR ticket is paid together, which is returned to the person upon departure. The ticket is valid and the deposit is returned until 26.08.2023 at 12:00 p.m. If leaving later, the deposit is non-refundable.

24. MJR XXIII Third day ticket is valid from 26.08.2023 until the end of the Festival (i.e. the program of 27.08.2023 is added as a bonus).

25. MJR XXIII Fourth day ticket is valid for events on 27.08.2023.


26. Entrance to MJR is free for children up to 9 years old (inclusive).

27. Special MJR tickets provide discounts to some social and age groups, local residents, participants of ecologic hikes, treks, etc. Special MJR tickets are valid throughout the entire time of the Event. Personal identification documents shall be presented when purchasing these tickets and presenting them at the entrance to the Event to prove the discount.

28. The prganisers of the Event have a right to apply exclusive ticket prices and discounts during special sales by making the terms and conditions thereof public. The number and the size of discounts are subject to changes. More detailed information on the discounts shall be published on the Festival website www.mjr.lt.


29. Only the MJR tickets that have been purchased by June 1, 2023, shall be eligible for return and refund until August 1, 2023. Later the MJR tickets can only be refunded if the Event is cancelled or is subject to new unforeseen conditions. This shall be handled in accordance with the terms and conditions established by the Organisers and the laws of the Republic of Lituania.

30. Tickets shall be returned and refunded only at the place of purchase (or by the way of purchase). Refunded printed (physical) tickets shall be returned to an MJR office in Vilnius. Refunded E-tickets shall be deleted.

31. When refunding tickets, a service fee equal to 10% of the purchase price shall be charged to cover administrative costs and bank fees.



1. By purchasing an MJR ticket in any form the ticket holder also agrees to abide by the common rules of the MJR Festival, the rules of common sense, and the rules of public event attendance in the Republic of Lituania.

2. It is forbidden to bring any kind of alcohol, drugs, guns, and other dangerous or poisonous items to the territory of the Event. Heavily drunk, spaced-out, and aggressive people shall be denied entrance to the Event.

3. Children and teenagers up to 16 years old (inclusive) should be supervised by adults.

4. No political propaganda, agitation, demonstration of political symbols, or commercial advertising shall be allowed at MJR Festival events unless approved by the Organisers under a separate mutual agreement.

5. The MJR Festival is taking place in a beautiful and fragile Nature reserve, therefore every visitor must follow strict rules of care – no damage to Nature, no litter, no plucking! Please take away everything you bring to the Event. Let us leave the environment more beautiful than it was before the Event. Let us respect Mother Nature and each other.

6. Pets (dogs) are allowed at the Event, but their keepers should take care of them very responsibly during the entire time of the Event. Pets cannot be aggressive or cause any inconvenience to other visitors, must be muzzled, and should not be allowed to bathe in common swimming areas. Owners are responsible for cleaning the waste left by their pets. If these rules are not observed, if the pets are aggressive towards people or other pets, or if visitors of the Event file any complaints, owners of the pets shall be asked to take their pets outside the area of the Event. Pet owners may be required to purchase a special ticket at the event, which is intended to promote order and awareness.

7. Taking pictures and filming is not restricted at the Event except exclusively designated areas and performances. Photographers must respect the privacy of other visitors and should do their best not to disturb the magical moments of the Event. IMPORTANT: All images captured at MJR events and made available to the public, may be used by the Organisers for non-commercial purposes without separate permission from their authors. Visitors that are not willing to share the images of their families shall inform the Organisers about this by e-mail beforehand.

8. The Organisers are not responsible for changes in the program of the Event if this is caused by weather conditions or other reasons beyond the control of the Organisers.


The Mėnuo Juodaragis Festival is organised by the Baltic music label DANGUS
(non-profit public institution “Baltijos griaustinis”, LT company code No. 124631480).

Should you need any further assistance on the issues of the Event,
please contact us by e-mail bilietai@mjr.lt, or phone +370 520 51727.

Festival office: RAGAINĖ – BALTIC SHOP, Skapo str. 3, Vilnius 01122, Lituania

Festival website – mjr.lt