The tickets of festival Mėnuo Juodaragis XXIV are available in electronic or printed form. 
We advise to purchase Your tickets in advance.
In 2024 the number of MJR ticket holders would be limited to 5000 humans.
Ticket prices will rise as the festival approaches.

Your journey to a magical holidays starts here!


Price 96,- Eur

The ticket is valid for all Festival time for one person.
The price will change from 01.06.2024



(with preteen kids)

Price 170,- Eur

The MJR Family Ticket shall be used by a single family – one or two adults and one or more children up to 12 years of age (inclusive). Read more… 

The ticket is valid for all Festival time.
The price will change from 01.06.2024


MJR XXIV printed tickets

You can purchase physical (beautifully printed) MJR tickets at the festival bureau Ragainė in Vilnius oldtown – Skapo str. 3 – open daily from 12:00 to 19:00. Usual discounts for regular MJR visitors are granted here.
You can also order the printed MJR tickets shipped to You by post.

Printed tickets have QR codes, and the customer’s contact details are registered on the purchase, so even if You lose the ticket, it will be possible to restore it.

Printed tickets are nicer to give as gifts.

You can pay the tickets by card or cash (cheaper).

Regular visitors of the festival, who still wear MJR fabric wristands from previous years, can buy tickets at a discount until June 1 and save up to 5 Eur. For this You need to visit in person. The discount is given for one ticket.

At the same time, you will find good music and MJR merchandise in “Ragainė”.
It is always nice to meet our tribesmen!
Tel. +370 678 86443

  • For children up to 9 years of age the entrance is free.
  • Tickets for separate days of the MJR XXIV would be available at the Gate:
VIII.22 – Thursday – 30 Eur*
VIII.23 – Friday – 70 Eur*
VIII.24 – Saturday – 85 Eur
VIII.25 – Sunday – 30 Eur

* When purchasing  tickets for the first days of the festival, a deposit corresponding to the full value of the MJR XXIV ticket should be paid together, it is returned to the person upon departure.
You will need cash.
** 08.24 ticket is also valid for 08.25 Sunday.


We kindly ask You read the TERMS AND EVENT CONDITIONS of MJR tickets use and rules of the Festival.



Special discounted MJR tickets are available for various age and social groups. These tickets are valid for all days of the event.
Valid identity documents are required to use the discounts for purchase and submission.

For kids and teenagers from 10 to 17 years of age
(inclusive) – 50,- Eur

These tickets are available only at the Gate of the festival. An ID that proves the age is required. Kids and teenagers must be accompanied by adults throughout the whole festival.  

Note: Children up to 9 years of age are allowed for free.

Tickets for elderly and disabled – 50,- Eur

Available only at the Gate of the Festival.
The discount is valid when a pensioner’s or disabled person’s certificate is presented.

• For residents of Zarasai region – 70,- Eur 

Special tickets for permanent residents of Zarasai region. Tickets are distributed to the natives by the Zarasai Region Tourism Information Center (Sėlių square 22, Zarasai; tel. +370 385 37171, Tickets can only be purchased in advance and are limited in number. The date of sale will be announced separately. At the Festival Gate holders of these tickets must provide documents proving their permanent residence in Zarasai district. It is strictly forbidden to resell or transfer tickets to others.


• Zarasai district students – 40, – Eur

These tickets are available only at the Gate f the Festival. The discount is valid until the age of 18 (inclusive). It is necessary to present a valid student certificate issued by the Zarasai district educational institution in the current year.

• For citizens of Ukraine – 70, -Eur

Tickets are purchased at the entrance and are valid for all days of the festival. Passport is required upon purchase.


• For Ukrainian children and teenagers – 40, -Eur

The discount is valid from 10 to 17 years of age (inclusive). A valid citizenship and age documents are required upon purchase. Tickets are purchased at the entrance and are valid for all days of the festival.

• For the participants of the MJR cycling tour – 70,- Eur

A discount is given to the most durable festival visitors who have covered more than 100 km on their own. Pre-registration required! Information about the traditional cyclist tour will be anounced in May or June.
These tickets are purchased at the Gate.
If the hiker already has a MJR ticket, part of the amount will be refunded.

• For the participants of the MJR walking tour – 70,- Eur

The discount is given to registered participants of the hiking trip organized by MJR. The information and itinerary of the hike will be posted on the MJR website and FB account in May or June.
Tickets are purchased at the Gate and are valid for all days of the Festival.


Special MJR tickets price can be given for organised groups of 10 or more  people.
You should contact us in advance (until August 15)  by e-mail or phone. +370 520 51727



An exceptional opportunity for MJR visitors! If your summer plans change, all MJR XXIV tickets, that have been purchased by June 1st, 2024, shall be eligible for return and refund until August 1st, 2024Read more…


A 5% fee is added when paying for e-tickets via PayPal. You can order this way until August 18, 2024.


Parking at the outskirts of the Dūburys island is free for those arriving by car. Separate fees apply to cars, campers, and motorcycles in protected parking lots near the festival entrance and on the island. Parking plans and prices will be announced in July or August 2024.

In poor weather conditions, parking can be difficult and access to the island can be extremely restricted or even closed.


The MJR ticket price includes payment for the event program, infrastructure fee, and charges for the transaction services.

Dog tickets…?
In the name of awareness and order, an idea of introducing a symbolic price “ticket” (3-4 EUR) for pets brought to the festival is being considered.
If such a decision is made, we will tell you more about it later.


Should you need any further assistance on the issues of the Event, please contact us
by e-mail 
or phone +370 520 51727