Dubūrys Lake Island

Treat the island as your home, but do not forget that it is home to all of us. You will be repaid with refreshing and beautiful nature and the voices of cranes in the morning.

The island of Lake Dūburys is located within a nature reserve. All festival participants and visitors are obliged to take care of the environment and observe the rules of conduct applicable to open-air events.

Due to the environmental considerations, traffic and parking inside the island is restricted. (More information about parking >>).

Visitors are not allowed to bring any alcoholic beverages or glass containers to the Festival Site. It is also forbidden to bring weapons and other items potentially hazardous to people. Aggressive and intoxicated persons will be asked to leave the Festival Site. All visitors, their belongings and vehicles will be searched. More >>

Camping site

  • The island of Lake Dūburys is full of spacious lawns and forest outskirts suitable for building a tent. 
  • There is enough space for those who like peace and those who choose to party late. The entire southern portion of the island – almost half of the festival site – will be reserved for camping.
  • A special peaceful area will be designated for families with children. 
  • Camping is free of charge this year.
  • Please be conscious of your tent neighbours.
  • Do not leave valuable personal belongings in your tent – especially at night.

Other accommodation options

There are homesteads and hotels in and around Zarasai (20km) and Dusetos (12 km). Options become scarce closer to the festival date. Information is available from the Zarasai Tourism Information Centre, and the internet.

Camping Conditions

Camping conditions are Spartan in the island. All amenities will be simple and optimal. Bring the things you might need during a few days hike and you will be set.



Cutting trees or damaging nature in any other way is strictly forbidden in the island. Do not litter and stop others from doing so. Waste bags and cigarette butt containers will be available at the festival entrance and the information centre. Let’s leave the area cleaner that we found it!



Best quality food and craft drinks on this fest! Information will be updated later.


The island is dark during the night time, so bring a flashlight or some other source of light.


Fires can only be built in areas designated by the organisers of the festival and the environmentalists.


There are two springs in the island. Drinkable water will be available for purchase from the information centre. The best option is to bring your own supply.


There are 5 bathing areas around the island. The biggest beach with the least vegetation is located on the Northern part of the island. Make sure you are sober and fit before going into the water. Rescuers will be on guard in designated bathing areas.


Outdoor showers will be built on one of the beaches with a limitless supply of lake water. There will also be two bathhouses at a price of your choice. Please, do not pollute the lake with chemical soaps and shampoos. Use environmentally friendly products.


The festival area will be guarded around the clock.


First aid will be available at the organisers HQ around the clock.


The closest grocery store is in Antazavė, 4-5 km from the island.


ATMs and bank branches are in Zarasai (20 km) and Dusetos (10 km). Please bring enough cash so you don’t have to travel that far.


Cellular network connection is quite good. Information centre will provide an opportunity to charge your cell phone or to purchase a power bank. A Wi-Fi station with a limited capacity will also be set up. Nevertheless we advise to spend the last days of summer without the phone. Connect to Nature!


Yes, you can bring pets if they don’t pose threat to other people and will be supervised at all times. Owners are responsible for their pets and must gather all waste left by them. Not everyone likes loose pets no matter how friendly they are. Think twice before bringing your pet. Please read terms >>


There are no restrictions on taking pictures and shooting videos (except designated places or parts of the programme), but please consider the privacy of other visitors. All publicly available images taken during the MJR festival can be used freely by the organisers for non-commercial purposes without the agreement of the authors.


If you need any assistance, please approach security personnel or the organisers. We will be glad to help. We will be grateful for your understanding, kindness and mutual assistance.