We are glad if you are considering spending time at the festival with your pets, and to ensure the safety and enjoyment of all festival visitors, we kindly ask you to take a responsible approach to your ability to look after your pet throughout the entire event. We also encourage you to evaluate your pet’s potential behaviour at an event where there are concerts and large crowds of people, including minors. If you think that your pet may feel uncomfortable or stressed in such circumstances (for example, it may be sensitive to loud music during a concert and/or unfriendly to crowds of people and/or minors) and this may change its behaviour, or if there have been situations where your pet’s actions have caused discomfort to other people during an event, then we would strongly suggest not bringing your pet to the festival.

Throughout the festival:

  • owners must look after their pets responsibly. Pets must not cause any distress, danger or inconvenience to other visitors or disturb public order;
  • ogs must be kept on a leash at all times;
  • owners must have a dog muzzle to put on if necessary (e.g. when the animal is in distress, when you see that you cannot predict your pet’s actions). We also ask that you to be responsive to requests from festival volunteers and/or security to muzzle your pet;
  • please note that bathing dogs in the communal swimming areas is prohibited;
  • we emphasise that pet owners are fully responsible for keeping the environment clean after the pet has done its natural business.

If any of the above rules are violated, in case of animal aggression or any complaints from visitors, owners must immediately escort their pets out of the premises.

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