MJR – F.A.Q.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you are planning to stay at the festival from Thursday to Sunday, we do recommend buying your ticket in advance:

  • For a regular individual – MJR XXIII ticket is 110 EUR;
  • For one/two adults with at least one child or more up to 12 years – MJR XXIII family ticket is 205 EUR

Prices will change from the 2023.08.24.

You may also visit the festival on any day you prefer – one-day tickets are available ONLY at the entrance.

Important information – for children up to 9 years old the entrance is free. There are also

many discounts for youth:

  • Children and teens between 10 – 17 years – 50 EUR/ per person.
  • Pensioners and people with disabilities – 55 EUR/ per person.
  • Residents of Zarasai region, students, Ukrainians, participants of hike to MKR, organised groups – 60 EUR/ per person.
Choose a ticket that suits your situation!

For more information about discounts and conditions click here –> https://mjr.lt/tickets/

Yes, you can. MJR XXIII single-day tickets are available ONLY at the entrance of the festival. Here are the prices:
VIII.24 – Thursday ticket – 30 EUR *
VIII.25 – Friday ticket – 70 EUR *
VIII.26 – Saturday ticket – 85 EUR *
VIII. 27 – Sunday ticket – 30 EUR *
* If you are buying a one-day ticket during the first two days of the festival – you will need to
leave a deposit, which covers the regular ticket (08.24 – 90 EUR, 08.25 – 50 EUR). This will
need to be paid in cash.

** As a gift for our participants – Saturday ticket 08.26 is valid also for Sunday 08.27. :)
For more information about discounts and conditions https://mjr.lt/tickets/

If you want to retrieve your deposit, you need to leave the territory of the festival by noon

next day. The deposit is paid back at the entrance, which is open from 8 AM – 1 AM. 

If you are planning to leave the MJR festival during its off-work hours, the checkout must be

arranged in advance with the entrance employees.

The deposit can be paid and returned ONLY in cash.

If you bought a Family ticket for yourself, your partner and your children but due to some circumstances you came without children – the Family ticket is not valid anymore. In this case, you will be asked to cover the difference between a family ticket and two regular tickets. Usually, between 10 – 15 EUR.

If you bought a Family ticket for TWO adults with children, however one of the adults could not come – the cost of the Family ticket cannot be refunded, split or partially returned.

MJR festival offers these options:

  • Children ticket (children and teens between 10 – 17 years) – 50 EUR. Children under 9 years can enter the festival for free.
  • Pensioners and people with disabilities ticket – 55 EUR.
  • Family ticket (one or two adults with at least one child or more up to 12 years) 205 EUR.

Prices of these tickets will change on 2023.08.24.

For more information about discounts and conditions click here: https://mjr.lt/tickets/

The MJR festival offers many option and discounts. Choose the most suitable for you.

  • Children under 9 years – the entrance is free of charge.
  • Regular ticket – 110 EUR/ per person. The price of this ticket will change on 2023.08.24.
  • Children and youth between 10 – 17 years old – 50 EUR/ per person.
  • Pensioners and people with disabilities – 55 EUR/ per person.
  • Family ticket (one or two adults with at least one child or more up to 12 years) 205 EUR. 


A family ticket is the most suitable option for those who are planning to come with children

between 10 – 12 years old.

If you are planning to come with one child, the most suitable option is a regular ticket and a child’s ticket. Of course, you have a full right to purchase a Family ticket, the choice depends on your circumstances.

For more information about discounts and conditions click here: https://mjr.lt/tickets/

Oh no, the same question again! Congratulations, we are happy that you chose our festival.

Family ticket works more as a “reward” for parents that face many challenges – looking after

the little ones during the festival.

You, as a newly married couple perhaps will face these challenges in the future, hence we

offer to purchase regular tickers and have wild fun at the MJR festival!

At the entrance Family ticket holders are required to provide a document confirming a child’s

age (birth certificate, ID card, passport, student card, etc.). Any other documents are not

required. You make a decision yourself on who are your family members.

We are proud to offer a wide range of activities for children, though you, as parents, are the ONLY people who are in charge of your children. Therefore, you are not allowed to leave them alone.

In order to avoid the sense of a supermarket lot or an automobile market – the organisers of

the MJR festival limit the number of vehicles on the Dūburys island. There is NO possibility

to place all the cars within the festival territory. We encourage all visitors to enter the island

with personal vehicle only in need and NOT because of your personal comfort. Visitors are

kindly asked to use either regular free of charge or secured and paid parking lots.

Your belongings can be transported by a special festival transport to a campsite – free of

charge. For this service, we are thankful to the main MJR festival sponsor “Vilniaus duona”.


A option – parking lot ~300–500 meters away from the island – free of charge, no security;


B option – parking lot close to the MJR festival entrance – 25 EUR;


C option – parking lot inside the island – 50 EUR, space of the parking lot is limited.


Entrance by car is allowed ONLY in good weather conditions.

For more information about parking conditions click here —>> https://mjr.lt/parking/


Can I purchase a parking ticket in advance?

Parking tickets are only sold at the entrance of the festival. You will need cash to pay for it.

In order to protect a hydrographic natural reserve of Dūburys island as well as safety of our

guests and service staff we strictly regulate a number of vehicles inside the island.

In case of unpleasant weather conditions, we have a right to close the entrance for cars to

guarantee the quality of the roads as well as maintain blooming meadows on the Dūburys

island. Keep in mind, the regulations of traffic can be extremely important to ensure our

common well-being. 

In positive weather conditions, we can offer a limited parking lot inside the island that costs –

70 EUR. Campers are permitted to park in free-of-charge parking lots outside the island.

Free-of-charge parking lots contain bio-toilets.

Keep in mind, that the space for campers within the festival is limited. You may have a lower

amount of space than you are used to, therefore please stay understanding and respectful

towards our volunteers and employees.

We do not offer electricity nor water ports for your campers.

Most visitors arrive to the MJR festival on Thursday or Friday evening. In case you are

planning to come at this time we recommend you bring patience as well. 

Honestly, reaching Dūburys island is quite a challenge. However, there are some travel tips:

– Take a seat on the special bus for the MJR festival that departure from Vilnius, Kaunas and


– Take a train to Turmantas, where you will be able to get into one of MJR taxis (look for

MJR symbols) Foreigners are asked to send an sms message “Noriu taksi į Mėnuo Juodaragio

festivalį”. It is a special taxi with a reduced price.

– Travel to a small town Zarasai, and from there take a taxi.

– Leave a message on the MJR notice board (a Facebook group), there you can find travel

buddies and many kind people who can give you a lift to the festival.

– Reach the Dūburys island by bike, and participate in MJR bicycle hikes. 

– Reach the Dūburys island by foot, and participate in the MJR hike.

For more travel information click here —>> https://mjr.lt/arrival/

Some food and drink venues will accept cards, however we do recommend to bring cash.

At the entrance, visitors are asjed to pay ONLY in cash.

Notice, the signal of the mobile operator BITĖ in Dūburys island is quite weak.

ATM – Dusetos town (Swedbank) or Zarasai town.

Gas station – Dusetos town (8 km), Zarasai town (25 km)

Market – a small shop in Antazavė village (3km), a medium shop in Dusetos town, and a

supermarket in Zarasai town.

Feel free to pass your observations directly to organisers of the MJR festival, volunteers or

security. Dogs are allowed to enter the area of the festival ONLY with a leash, under the

owner’s supervision. Pets should not imply any danger or discomfort to other visitors.

Any alcohol, drugs, guns and other similar items that may cause danger to the public are

strictly prohibited. All the visitors are checked by security at the entrance.

In the MJR festival you can meet a lot of dogs with their owners, they bring a lot of joy. On another hand pet owners have to think about their responsibility and ability to take care of their dog during all festival. Dogs can’t be aggressive or be dangerous for people or other animals. They should be kept on leash and have a muzzle, which should be put on at the slightest chance of aggression. You also can’t leave your dog leashed with no supervision or let them swim in a common beach, not everyone likes company of the dogs. Everything that is left after a dog must be gathered by the owner. 

We remind you that dogs can act unexpectedly in a new environment full of people and other animals. Be responsible and if you have the opportunity to leave your dog at home better do so.


These rules should be followed strictly. Owners are obliged to take into account comments and instructions of guards and other guests, otherwise their animals will be asked to leave the event.

You have to think twice while making this decision. An animal has to be introduced to a program of the festival and has to agree to join the adventure. Consult this issue with a psychologist.

Talking seriously, you can take these animals only if you can assure their well-being, safety of the animal and people around, also that you will take care of the animal during all festival. That can be difficult. 

Yes, take one for yourself and another for your friend! Take spare bags from home, by doing this we can avoid a lot of plastic waste!

Event happens in ecologically sensitive area. We ask everyone to respect nature and don’t leave any trash, even the smallest. While leaving, take all that you have brought. Let’s leave the environment cleaner than we have found it. Let’s love Nature and respect each other.

Yes, you can. After checking your ticket you are given a bracelet. While coming back to the festival you will be asked to show your bracelet. It shouldn’t have any signs or removal or other damage. In case of doubt you will be asked to show your ticket. So keep your ticket till the end of the festival.

We start selling tickets on December, then their price is the lowest. If you want to buy cheaper tickets you have to get them as early as possible.